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The Prime Minister, Ndugu Edward Sokoine, has directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to immediately implement the new Terms of Service for the police and prison services which were approved in July this year.

The Prime Minister issued the directive today while addressing police officers at Oyster Bay police station in Dar es Salaam.

Ndugu Skoine, who is on a tour of forces camps in Dar es Salaam region, was informed by the police officers that the new terms of service had not yet been implemented.

He directed that the new terms for police and prisons services must be back-dated to July 1, this year. The Prime Minister hailed the police force for its efforts to strengthen security in the city of Dar es Salaam.

He said that since patrols began at the end of last year, incidents of theft and armed robberies had decreased considerably compared to the period between June and October last year when an average of incidents of theft or daily armed robbery were reported


President Arap Moi has changed the name of the East Africa Oil Refinery to Kenya Oil Refinery.

He also changed the name of East African Power and Lighting Company Limited to Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited.

The President announced the changes at Changamwe, Mombasa, where he was the guest of honour at a ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of the Kenya Oil Refinery Corporation.

On the transportation of oil, President Moi called on the Kenya Pipeline Company and the Ministry of Energy to be forward planning and extend the oil pipeline from Nairobi to Nakuru, Eldoret, Kitale, Bungoma and Kisumu.

The President pointed out that the money used to repair the road regularly would be used for other development activities.

On the need to strengthen Kenya's relationship with other countries the President said that Tanzanains were their brothers with whom they should cooperate. He said that he had discussions with his counterparts in Tanzania and Uganda and that they had agreed to work for the prosperity of the region which includes Kenya.

The President also said that he was happy that Kenya provided oil to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Zaire and Southern Sudan.

On the reduction of the net cost of importing Crude oil, the President said that the government is actively considering the installation of cracking facilities SO that the heavy oil which is re-imported at a loss could be converted into useful products such as kerosene diesel, cooking gas and jet fuel.

He reassured foreign investors that their investments in this country are fully protected.

On Kenyanization, the President noted with appreciation that 97 percent of the refinery staff is Kenyan. He said this was an indication that Kenyans have acquired the skills necessary to operate a complex installation.


The Chief of the Ugandan Defence Forces Lt-Gen Tito Okello has praised the work being done by the commonwealth training team in Uganda. At a farewell party for the outgoing head of the team, Col John Holman in Kampala Gen Okello pointed out that the friendly assistance of the commonwealth to Uganda will not be forgotten.

A major priority of the government, he said, will be to restructure the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) into an efficient, disciplined force.

At the same function the Chief of Training in the UNLA, Lt Col Chris Kisembo appealed for further training opportunities from the Commonwealth for the young Ugandan army.

In reply, Col Holman who has since left the country emphasised that the success of the UNLA in its operations will greatly depend on the co-operation and support from civilians and the government. He expressed satisfaction with the improved discipline of the UNLA soldiers.


Under a new law enacted by the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) in Accra, on August 30, offences involving the diversion of petroleum products and drugs will carry the sentence of death by a firing squad.

Diversion of goods, including food items, earmarked for educational institutions, hospitals and the general public will also carry the same sentence.


Following the increase in the number of audiences which cabinet members have been granting to heads of diplomatic missions of friendly countries accredited to Gabon, the Presidency of the Republic has affirmed that only the Minister of Foreign Affairs and cooperation is qualified to examine, with those concerned, all problems of co-operation between Gabon and their countries.

Ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in Gabon are therefore urged to submit all their problems regarding cooperation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.


Comrade Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, the President of the Party and the Republic said recently that the attack. on Cangamba by South Africa troops constituted a new element in the war mounted by South Africa against Angola.

The Head of State said at a news conference given for journalists that a South African Air Force intervention against that town of Moxico Province, about 500 km from the Namibian border, could be the prelude for the unleashing of attacks of this kind on other areas more to the north.

The aim of the South African intervention Comrade dos Santos revealed, was to place UNITA in Cangamba essentially for two reasons.

Firstly, because the UN Secretary General was coming to Southern Africa, and it was important to create a victory for UNITA to help enable South Africa to exert pressure by using those bandits in the negotiations over Namibia, and the second reason was linked purely to destabilization activities and to the implementation of Pretoria's plans for the puppets to occupy the diamond area.


The Liberian Government would spare no effort to strengthen and expand the ties of friendship and understanding which exist between the governments and peoples of Liberia and Israel Head of State. Dr Samuel Kanyon Doe made this pledge at the Executive mansion when the new Israeli Ambassador, Gavriel Gavrieli presented him his letters of credence. Dr Doe said he hoped the new chapter recently embarked upon in Liberian-Israeli relations would be equally rewarding and beneficial to their two peoples as the two nations endeavour to give concrete expression to the terms and principles of the joint communique recently signed between them.


The rift between President Paul Biya and his predecessor Ahmadou Ahidjo is rapidly being accentuated with calls from militants of the Cameroonian National Union to take over the Party's leadership.

President Biya is again being requested by members of the central committee of CNU resident in Yaounde to put in his candidature for party chairman in view of what they described as the conflicting situation over the distribution of power and the massive support enjoyed by him.

The post of party Chairman has been vacant since the abrupt resignation on August 27, of ex-President Ahidjo who accused his successor of suffering from "plot-mania."

Support for President Biya has come from the CNU branch of the Yaounde Commercial Centre, the Bako Cultural Association, the CNU party militants in the South-West and Northern Provinces. They urged the Head of State to convene an extraordinary Congress to proclaim President Biya as Party leader:


Zimbabwe and the USA have signed an 8,700,000 dollar education grant agreement.

The accord was signed in Harare between the American Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert Keeley, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and Development, Comrade Bernard Chidzero, and the Minister of Manpower Planning and Development, Comrade Fredrick Shava. The deal is the first par of a 45,000,000 dollar basic education and skills training grant.


An opportunity for convicts of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) to vindicate themselves has been hinted at by the Chairman of the PNDC, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings.

In a nationwide radio and TV broadcast to emphasize his government's commitment to real justice Flt Lt Rawlings extended this gesture also to those who left Ghana as a way of escaping decisions of the AFRC and for fear of not being treated fairly.

The reality of Chairman Rawlings hint is however contingent upon public reaction to an invitation for debates on whether such persons should be given the opportunity.

Further the national investigation committee has been granted the authority to consider whatever suitable suggestions they may make of reparations for wrong or damage they did to the country. This formal and sincere recognition of the harm they have done could then be a basis for considering whether to grant such persons amnesty so they may return to contribute to the development of the nation, Chairman Rawlings concluded.

Other points raised in the broadcast were hard work, increased productivity, and efficiency which Chairman Rawlings said must be the watchwords of Ghanaians.

He cautioned against the substitution for productive work of defence committee meetings, rallies, attendance at symposia and leadership courses.

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