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Balance is essential

Dear Editor,

It is refreshing to read about another new magazine on West Africa. Even though there are quite a few weeklies and monthly magazines covering the West African sub-region and the whole of Africa the bias of news towards some countries makes it imperative that as far as possible a balance is maintained.

I hope your magazine would correct this. Send me your subscription rates as soon as you can.

Mrs. Sally Balogun

Fight for press freedom

Dear Editor,

Congratulations for the publication of the "Talking Drums". It was, in fact, long overdue. Some of us who have followed your progress and misfortunes in the Ghanaian press, first as a columnist, Literary Editor and then Editor of the "Daily Graphic”, and then the constitutional controversy with the Limann government over the interpretation of the Article on the Press in 1980 believe that you would continue to expose the campaign of lies that the supine Ghanaian press is dishing out to the public.

It has been said that no government hands over press freedom on a silver. platter; it is journalists who must fight for it.

"Talking Drums" should live up to its advertised objectives. analyse and interpret correctly the political, social and economic events unfolding in West Africa with the same fearless approach. which has won the Editor the admiration of people both at home and abroad.

Kodjo Agyin

Welcome, Talking Drums

Dear Sir,

I have just received my copy of "West Africa" and I was delighted to see the advertisement announcing the birth of "Talking Drums" magazine on September 9, 1983.

I was happy especially because Elizabeth Ohene is the Editor of this new magazine. If her record in the field of journalism is anything to go by as evidenced during her days as a writer of the "Thinking Allowed" column in the "Daily Graphic" and later as the Editor of the paper in the heady days of Jerry Rawlings' Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) in 1979, then I sincerely hope that the magazine would continue to crusade of maintaining high journalistic standards.

I look forward to reading this magazine in the coming weeks. Would you please let me know your subscription rate?

Joe Anquandah

You have our support

Dear Editor,

I was very much enthused to read that you are coming out with a new magazine called "Talking Drums".

I hope you are going to keep up as you did during your period as Editor of the "Daily Graphic" of Ghana during the AFRC era and sometime in the Limann administration.

You have admirers not in any one particular group of people but in any reasonable being who is eager to read the truth and know both sides of all issues.

I wish you good luck and encouragement in your enterprise.

Rita Vanderpuije

Some said "John, print it," others said, "Not so", some said "It might do good," others said "No" — Pilgrims' Progress - Apology for his Book

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