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Madam Fathia Starves

The People's Daily Graphic has reported that Madam Fathia, widow of Ghana's first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah intends to return to Egypt because she is starving.

The paper quoted Mrs. Nkrumah as saying she had been cared for by the Egyptian and Guinean ambassadors but had been forced to sell her engagement ring and a brooch to enable her to pay her son's university fees in London.

The Egyptian-born wife of the late President went back to Egypt with her three children in 1966 in the wake of the coup which toppled her husband's regime. After Dr. Nkrumah's death in exile in 1972, the Acheampong regime brought back Madam Fathia and her three children to Ghana in 1974 amidst a lot of publicity and official pledges to look after her and the children as a mark of respect for the memory of the late ex-President.

She has since then been living in a specially constructed mansion in one of the best suburbs of Accra and has servants and transportation supplied by the state. That she has fallen on such hard times reinforces the situation in Ghana and the fact that most people have within the past year and a half, been selling all their possessions to be able to buy food for their children.

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