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Spirits Colliding - Indelibly

To mother for her henpecked guidance

To father for his reluctant paternalism

To Sophia K for arousing in me a pre adolescent appreciation for the opposite sex

To Ako Ebenezer for Q.E.D. that genius and madness share a thin grey border.

To Salem Presbyterian Boys' School.. For instilling sadism and Spartanism

To "Maa Sobers” for expose-tory interpretation of My Family and Other Animals.

To Maggie for confessing that witches do love even as they fly a nocturnal horse.

To Modukpe, I wish you had died differently.

For Legon in harbouring the last remnant of illusion, innocence and happiness.

To Bonnie B - for bringing my romantic love to a climax!

And eternally to the students of 300 Jay Street for making my working life worth living.


Kwabena M. Duodu

talking drums 1984-02-06 is the media relevant in Africa - the dilemma of the judiciary - highlife music review