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Poets' Corner

Look Them

Lasana M. Sekou

Look them
How they cage our youth
How they muzzle our children
From talking our right
From seeing insight
Their laws and flaws
Their anti-man pacts
And demeaning sexist acts

Look them
How they hunt our strong
To silence I and I
How they haunt our weak
To enslave us again
Look them
How they grin
One has seen smiles
More splendid on mongrel hyenas
Look them
How casual
They repeat the bad things
of before days
The wretched ways
Of the before time

Look again
How betrayers bordering our camp
Flirt with them
Begging and letting
Pledging and forgetting

Babylon will fall again
As Sodom was layed waste
And the new Rome too
Will be overcome
By our greater power...
The People's greater power
But look all them now.

By Lasana M. Sekou
Graduate School of Communications
Howard University, Washington, DC, USA

Poem taken from "Images in the Yard" (Lasana's 3rd book of poetry)

talking drums 1984-02-27 ghana's aimless revolution - pro buhari demonstration in London