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You're not off the hook yet Kwesi Adu

I have read Kwesi Adu's letter in your March 26th, 1984 issue with amusement, anger, contempt and pity. Mr Kwesi Adu cannot now "enlighten the international community on the whereabouts of the AFRC monies." Do I detect panic in his protestations or is it arrogance? We are told that when he left Rawlings he had nothing to declare. Why wash clean hands in public? Is he a latter day Pontius Pilate?

Anyway, why must we believe him when there are 'progressive and fair" public tribunals in Ghana which can vet him? What is he doing in Green Lanes, London.? Has he now abandoned the Green Book? Can he tell us why his friend J. J. Rawlings would want to personally generate corruption scandals about him?

Is he not the same Kwesi Adu who used to drive Mr & Mrs Rawlings about in Accra? Is he not the same Kwesi Adu who with Chris "the Trotsky" Atim, the June Four Movement and the People's Revolutionary League bitterly opposed the calls in February and July 1980 by Major Boakye Djan that the AFRC and its supporters be investigated to determine their financial probity? They said it was an attempt to reverse the 'gains' of the revolution; what were his gains?

Mr Kwesi Adu, please come off your dead horse, playtime is over. Revolutions are not for children. Thank the Lord that, succulent though you must be, you escaped cannibalization by your own revolution and bless Margaret Thatcher for giving you sanctuary in her right wing country. The future will forgive you if you try not to save yourself alone but to speak up also for all those Ghanaians who have not had the chance to declare that they have nothing to declare.

Speak up especially for Major Acquah the personnel manager of GIHOC at the time you stopped working there. When you have publicly done that, we may then be persuaded to think that, after all, you are not a hypocrite, you were only immature. Clement Sekyi, Camberwell, London.

Free Political Prisoners

On December 31st, 1981 Flt-Lt Rawlings made it known to every Ghanaian that he had overthrown the popularly elected government. He also made it known to Ghanaians that he had not come to impose himself on the nation but to save us from the economic hardships which had been brought about by the Limann and previous administrations. He further told the nation that he was prepared to face the stakes at the Teshie firing range.

But since December 31st, 1981 there have been so many criticisms from many quarters including the National Union of Ghanaian Students (NUGS) the Bar Association, the Professional Bodies, Brig. Nunoo-Mensah of "hand-over-to-whom" fame and even Chris Atim. He claims his government is a people's government yet when one points out a fault he is imprisoned without any charges. Journalists like Tommy Thompson, Mike Adjei and John Kugblenu are examples.

I would like to remind the chairman that under a constitution guaranteeing the various freedoms he was given the chance to be defended by Lawyer Adumuah-Bossman in 1979 after his attempted uprising.

When Kojo Tsikata was chased around by the security agencies some of the pressmen risked their lives to let the world know of it. When chairman Rawlings was asked about monies collected in 1979, he had freedom to retort that he should be taken to a fetish priest. Why didn't he take Limann to fetish priest but rather used violence to overthrow the democratic elected government?

Recently, Chairman Rawlings, speaking aboard a Canadian vessel at Half Assini said that all prisons will be turned into reformation centres. What kind of reformation does he intend for nice people like Obeng Manu, Tommy Thompson, Mike Adjei and others who have not committed any offence other than pointing out his faults?

Kwame Bossman,
Hamburg, W. Germany

Kwesi Adu still has case to answer

Let me refer to page 6 of the March 26th, 1984 issue to a letter written by that politically bankrupt Kwesi Adu, who still fails to see his political knavery and chicanery. I just want to take him on his ideological pretensions now that we can all take advantage of freedom of expression, he helped to stifle in Ghana, prevailing in the United Kingdom.

Since when did he disagree with his idol Rawlings? Which policy-matters was he referring to? Does he, in his political ignorance, think that all opponents of his Rawlings are extreme right-wingers? On what basis or record does he, Kwesi Adu, claim to be a left winger? He betrayed left-wingers when he was hustling at the corridors of political power in Ghana - a damnable and traitorous trait.

Does he in his political naivety think that by their political sabotage and conspiracy he and his political quislings pursued against Dr Limann's government he imprudently with his dangerous clique claim to be left wingers? Did Kwesi Adu and his fellow unpatriotic gang pursue any shred of socialism when they foisted themselves on Ghanaians?

As a socialist firebrand, what has happened in Ghana since Rawlings, Bukari-Atim, Nunoo-Mensah, Tsikatas, Ahwois, Akata-Pore, Aana Anin and their colleagues assumed political control of Ghana? The country has been turned upside down in their grand anarchical designs. Their designs have been wickedly calculated to destroy some of the little socialist gains made by Ghana under the illustrious Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Africa..

PNDC and its blind followers since December 31st, 1981 have prevented genuine socialist revolution taking place in Ghana thereby having in their timidity put brakes on socialist hopes in Ghana. There is now widespread realization of rude awakening that ruins, chaos, unemployment, hunger and poverty have engulfed Ghana. Disrespect for authority coupled with men-at-arms terrorizing innocent and defenceless citizens are rife. Now the future of mother Ghana is plunged deeper and deeper into the depths of economic and financial ruin and stagnation by the irresponsible actions of some of the governments after independence, in particular the present Provisional National Defence Council's government and their early and later supporters or zealots.

Ntim Gyakari, London

Freedom of movement

In the article in last week's issue entitled "Freedom of Movement - Western Style" by E.K.M. Yakpo, column three last paragraph should have read: "The organisers responded by denying that there could be no genuine peace movement without the participation of communists, and invited Atlee to attend the congress. The invitation was rejected as a publicity stunt. The congress was front page news for most newspapers. The lurid headlines read, "25 held at Airport", "65 turned back", "40 Russians banned", "Mexicans and Iranians all refused".

The omission is deeply regretted.


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