Talking Drums

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It is war
But they tell our children
It is peace
And sing to our infants
Rusty nostalgic lullabies
Soaked in groovie lies
It is war
But our children
Believe it is peace
And so
They sing distorted love themes
They are forgetting how to dance
Hear them sneer at Truth
And continue to tell Beauty...
That she is too dark.


She, ripe as a luscious fullmoon
With pulsing readiness
To hurl herself into the realm of womanhood
Embracing my flirtation
With childish greed
Holding my touch
With heated silence
Devouring all this
With caressive eyes... searching
For love's unfolding
She followed my moves with thirstful chants
"I am Thirsty"
"Why don't you give me some water?"

Lasana M. Sekou
Staten Island, New York, USA.

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