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By Kwabena Asamoah

NANA TUFFOUR: 'Ye Wo Asaase' (KAM RECORDS KAM 001) 'Ene Me Ngoro' 'Mo Ma Yen Nom Asa' 'Kronkron Se Etwie' 'Ye Wo Asaase' / 'I'm Feeling Your Love (Everywhere I Go)' 'Diana' 'M'afe Wo'

One of the many variants of hi-life music in Ghana is 'Sikyi' (pronounced sichi) originally introduced onto the pop scene in the mid-seventies by Eric Agyemang and Thomas Frempong during their Noble Kings days. Nana Tuffour has followed this school of thought with this refreshing album. You may however not be too surprised to know that Eric Agyemang appears here as a guest artist.

Eric Agyemang's guitar - a vital ingredient in the present-day guitar band hi-life in Ghana - beautifully sets the tone for Nana Tuffour to begin a non-stop medley with 'Ene Me Ngoro' (Play with me). The short sharp intervention by Tommy King's trumpet reinforces the answering vocal line which produces a sweet harmony continuing into 'Mo Ma Yen Nom Nsa' (Let's drink).

Although the basic instrumental structures do not significantly alter in 'Mo Ma Yen Nom Nsa' Ismael Wild's strong bass line fiercely attacks, rendering 'Kronkron Se Etwie' more potent a rhythm that is irresistibly danceable. The vocal refrain paves the way for the alto sax to lilt the best and the last tune on the A-side- 'Ye Wo Asaase'. The enthusiasm with which the singers and the instrumentalists pound Ye Wo Asaase' provides a fitting finale which due to its brevity would make dancers and listeners wish for more.

Nana Tuffour devotes the entire B-side to reggae rhythm, a thing which may not please purists who believe that African musicians must not play anything non-African. However, like any other musician Nana Tuffour may also want change and variety.

Singing in English Nana Tuffour begins a basic reggae in 'I'm Feeling Your Love (Eveywhere I Go)'. Nana Tuffour may not necessarily reach a wider audience mainly because of the use of English language. Even though 'Diana' and 'M'afe Wo' are not necessarily different, the strong points are Nana Tuffour's voice, Eric Agyemang's guitar and Ismael Wild's throbbing bass guitar. It's a great pity the synthesizer waits till the very last minute before stepping up in 'M'afe Wo'.


Namibian Artist

AN exhibition of prints by Namibian artist, John Muafangejo opened at the Africa Centre Gallery, 38 King Street, Covent Garden on Tuesday July 3 and will close on August 3.

Last year John Muafangejo's exhibition at the Commonwealth Institute's Bhownagree Gallery attracted rave reviews. Edward Lucie-Smith wrote: "John Muafangejo is clearly a man divided - something which enriches his work instead of harming it... This heterogenous mass of material is fused together in the crucible of. Muafangejo's own simultaneous intro- version and extroversion and his obsessive concern with self... It is worth stressing the individual aspect of this artiste's work because it is a new element in African art."

Adisco Owl in America

THE Adisadel Old Boys Association | (U.K. Branch) was pleasantly surprised when it received a newsletter from a former Santaclausian in North| America in which very useful information has been given in an effort to bring together old boys in a North. American Reunion Convention in Washington, DC from October 5-8, 1984.

In a programme which promises to equal and probably excel the recent London meeting which brought together past teachers and students of the school in May, an all-Adisadel Band featuring pioneer members of the 1960s famous Adisadel Jazz Band will play at a "cement party". A sight- seeing tour has also been arranged for members, spouses and children.

The newsletter also announced the release of an LP - "Another Phase In Time" by ex-members of the Adisco Jazz Band. Remember Ricky Telfer (guitar, keyboard, flute), John Djokoto (drums, percussion), Kweku Bentil (vocals), Sam Mensah (bass and acoustic guitars) and Dave Godffrey (trumpet). It is available at Oketeke Records, Box 477, Gormley, Ontario, Canada LO4 1GO.

The success of the U.K. Reunion has certainly encouraged the fire to spread and we hope that old boys in North America would keep the Washington date. Contact Old Santaclausians, 6407 Holyoke Drive, Annandale, Virginia 22003, U.S.A.

Third World Films of Struggle

THIS year's festival is jointly organised with the Namibia support committee and all screenings begin at 7.00 p.m. Monday July 16 - the films include "In The Sky's Wild Noise" (short documentary about Guyanese workers based on an interview with Walter Rodney), "In The Name Of Democracy" (a recent short film on El Salvador), and "Bitter Cane" which was a clandestinely shot feature film about Haiti.

Musama Disco Anniversary

The Musama Disco Christo Church is marking its anniversary of praise and thanksgiving at its place of worship, St. Andrew's Church, Short Street (off the cut), Waterloo, on Sunday, July 8 at 2.00 p.m.

The Leader and General Head Prophet of the Church from the World Headquarters in Mozano, Ghana, who is visiting branches of the church in Britain and America, will preside over the service.

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