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A Freedom Song

Time enough,
Will not lick these wounds
To heal this gaping ravage
This jagged cut of unkindliness
That we have suffered
In perpetuation
At the hands of this imposed slavery.
Take up arms sufferers
Arms of mind
And arms of spirit
Arms of armour "Y a mor"
Raise up arms warriors
To free ourselves
From this crisis degradation
To seize the time
to seal the reign
Of the anti-human profiteers
For we are fighters
Of a continuing cause.
Rise up workers
From life's giving spring
The healing songs
For we are not pitiful mourners
We are not weeping at foreign gates
We are no landless beggars seeking alms
Inciting tears of other nations.
We travelled no distance
To steal other People's land
But we seek the rights to our own
And as our parents,
For they battered this pain too
We have remained fighters.

Lasana M. Sekou
Staten Island, New York, U.S.A.

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