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New rates on imports to Nigeria

The Federal Military Government has issued Decrees 24 and 25 to regulate new imports and excise duties.

Decree No.24 (customs duties) and Decree No.25 (excise duties) follow Head of State, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari's budget on 7 May, which restricted the movement of imports out of the ports because taxes on them had then not been decided by the government.

The items affected by Decree 24 and percentage duties of cost price payable on them are:

All live animals such as horses, asses, sheep, goats, fowls, ducks, geese and turkey (15 percent)
Meat and edible offals of animals (40 per cent)
Preserved concentrated and sweetened milk (15)
Butter and cheese, natural honey and all other edible products of animal origin (40)
Chilled, fresh or frozen poultry (fowl, turkey, geese) 50
Pig meat (fat free or lean) 35
Fish, (live or dead) frozen or chilled 20k a kilogramme
Dried fish, salted or smoked 30k a kilogramme
Stockfish (50)
Crabs, lobsters, Oysters caught and laided by vessels owned or chartered by Nigerian companies or citizens 20k a kilogramme
Dairy products including birds eggs, natural honey, edible products of animal origin will attract custom duties ranging from (10-40) Milk and cream either fresh, unconcentrated and unsweetened attracts (25)
Birds eggs, egg yolk, either dried, fresh, preserved, sweetened unconcentrated or sweetened (10)
human hair, unworked whether washed or not or scoured and other waste of human hair (40)
pigs, hogs and hairs boars bristles and hairs (35)
horse hair and horse hair waste (40)
guts, bladders and stomachs of animals (40)
vegetables, fresh or chilled (30)
vegetables either cooked or preserved by freezing (40)
dates, bananas, coconuts, brazil nurses, cashew fresh or dried or shelled (50)
citrus fruit, fresh or dried (50) figs, fresh or dried (50)
grapes, fresh or dried apples, pears and quinces, stone fruit, fresh berries and all other fruits (100)
fruits cooked or not and peel of melons, citrus fruits (100)
fruit provisionally preserved but unsuitable in the state for immediate consumption and dried fruits (60)
coffee whether or not roasted or freed of caffeine, coffee husks and skins, coffee substitutes containing coffee in any proportion (40)
tea bulk tea (30) other teas (50)
wheat and meslin (anxed wheat or rye (40)
rice (45) maize and sorghum (45)
buck wheat (45)
oats (45)
cereal flour (40)
vegetable materials used for planting (35),
used for stuffing or padding or in brushes and brown (35)
and those not specified (40)
vegetable oils, crude or purified for industrial use (10),
those for other uses (30)
margarine and other edible fats (35) baby foods (10)
beef and cane sugar in solid form (30),
other sugars such as syrups and artificial honey (60),
sugar confectionary, not containing cocoa (60)
macaroni, spaghetti and similar products (60),
chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa (45)
beer made from malt including stout (60)
wine of fresh grapes, vermouths cider, (100),
brandy and bitters (150),
unmanufactured tobacco and tobacco refuse (30),
cigars and cheroots (100),
snuff (50),
and cigarettes (60)
petroleum jelly and paraffin wax (30)
antibiotics (20),
hormones (20),
vitamins (20)
glucose and lactose and other organic compounds ointments and liniments (25),
bandages, plasters, dressings, packings for medical or surgical purposes (25)
fertilizers (all types), mineral or chemical phosphatic or potasic (5)

Taxes announced under Decree 25 for goods made in Nigeria:

wine and the like, spirits (50) ink other printing and bank notes (10), cigars (30) cigarettes (55-75), perfumes (20) soaps (10) cosmetic, including shampoos and shaving creams (20), domestic detergent (10) candles (5)
Postcards and calendars (10), nappies and tissue papers (10), children's disposable nappies damasks, madras and suiting (20), George (15), carpets and rugs (20), Men's and boy's outer garments (10), women and girls undergarments.

Handkerchief (10), corset brassiers, braces and the like (10)
bed, table, toilet and kitchen linen, curtains and other furnishings (10).

Empty market stalls and high prices.

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