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Ghana's donor countries

I came across one of the issues of this magazine for the first time recently, and after reading subsequent issues I am convinced that it is a magazine that is fighting to expose to the world matters that other "business oriented magazines" would not touch. In this vein I wish to appeal to Ghana's benefactors in the western world whose generosity has helped prop the PNDC regime for the past nearly three years to wake up and help stamp out the atrocities that are still being perpetrated in that country.

It is obvious to all who care to see that history is repeating itself in Ghana and the PNDC government is at the moment holding the record for unattainable ambition and violation of human rights in the 27 years of independence.

Ghana's fate is linked with those of other West African countries. When Captain Sankara of Upper Volta publicly announced that he was helped into power by Flt-Lt. Rawlings, for in- stance, one expected the world powers to show concern in the political when developments in the sub-region as happened when Uganda attempted to destabilise Tanzania, and the Libyans went to Chad. The current wait-and- see attitude of the western world, I am afraid, would certainly lead to irretrievable disaster.

With the official backing given to the 'Green Book Study Groups', 600 children being trained in Cuba, creation of PDC's and WDC's, and the military, in spite of their apparent absence from the public view, still flexing their muscles all over the place, the indications are that that country is in for a long spell of trouble.

Quite recently, the Berliner Morgan Post revealed that about 500 exiles from Ghana entered West Berlin in April and May this year. What then would the statistics of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees read like in five years time our Cuban-trained 600 revolutionary graduates return to Ghana armed with revolutionary jargon to indoctrinate their already frustrated and desperate villages from where the majority of them were picked up?

G.B. Kantanka, West Berlin

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