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Poets' Corner

The Patrimony

Is no more heard in the land!
Is met with only in dreamland!
Are wry and suppressed!
Is the characteristic feature of the land!
Without end are spread over the Soil!
Of the land are captive of dire want!
  I scream
The scream of the Frustrated!
  I sigh
The sigh of the saddened!
  I bemoan
The paradox of poverty in the midst of
    showered abundance!
  I decry
Those acted versions of Cain's retort
    In our precious land!
I shed those tears sincere mourners
  alone Shed!
The costly heritage lies submerged
In a malodorous and horrific mess!

Kumi Ansah-Koi,
University of Ghana, Legon.

talking drums 1984-09-17 Challenge for Samuel Doe Cameroon which way out Ernest Obeng