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Poets' Corner

For Success

Go steady in this life children.
Be strong
Strong trees in a windsome storm.

In your designs
To achieve the right
Beware the wrongs
In your pursuit of the high
The many in need
Of your strength
To secure
Our collective rise.

Beware the mad scientists
And grave robbers
And the money changers
Robbing the temples
In I and I, where the gods abide,

Keep well children
In the tradition
Of wisdom and beauty.
And be sure
In your knowledge of things gone
Stands the triumph of tomorrow

Sing too
The truth of the ancients
Our elders
The wise ones
Who taught us

Let us not run the world hastily
Let us not grasp at the rope of wealth impatiently
Let us not treat
What should be treated
With mature judgement
in a fit of temper.

— African proverb.
Lasana M. Sekou,
Staten Island, New York.

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