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This memory
Will not pass
Like some idle wind
Drifting lazily into oblivion
About love
And other strangers

This love
Shall not wither with time
Live even beautiful roses
Nor eroded by wind and sand

For want of your desire
Have I erected
This glistening castle between your thighs
This ebony citadel
Crowned with gold
With pillars of ruby
Stalking creation's youngest joy
At the mouth of Life's river

In stroking rapture
We soared
She marvels
"Oh, how Manly..."

'Come, she cries in love songsā€¦ come..."
Let's celebrate
Give Thanks
Give Praise
Give Life
Give Love

And I
Gasping for Glory
Rose to highest noon
To be vanquished in sweet laughter
By tears of ecstasy...she explodes... and I into her.

Lasana M. Sekou,
Staten Island, New York

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