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Tro-tro line pickings

There is this company, Kludjeson International (Ghana) Ltd which donated a hefty sum of $3,500 to the Ghana National Olympic Committee before the trip to Los Angeles. Good gesture surely but now, Mr Pr Kofi Kudjeson, Managing Director of the company is facing the Nation Investigation Committee to answer allegations of fraud and malpractice connected with procurement of certain specified supplies for the Ghana Forces contingent in the Middle East. Are you surprised..? Not in the least

... I recall the publicly advertised tribute and wishes of sympathy paid to the memory of the late Nandom Naa by an electronics firm in Accra, a week later the company was being probed for alleged fraud and corruption

Babies in Ghana's prisons?... Yes, from one week old babies to five year olds...see in Ghana, women with tiny babies who get convicted and sentenced to prison terms do their spell together with their babies. There is the case of a five year old boy who has spent all his five years of life in prison through no fault of his own but for the fact that he was born in prison...can’t anybody do anything about this?... The Ghana National Commission children at a recent seminar called (no, virtually ordered) the Department e Social Welfare to halt the practice immediately.

...Call it scaremongering...A Ghanaian publication has widely reported that the Ghana Democratic Movement and other Opposition groups operating outside the country have planned to drop bombs and grenades on major cities and key installations in the country and to capture certain PNDC government officials and roast them alive. The Ghanaian Voice described all such people 'living in exile as mad, crazy and power hungry… And do you know, the recently formed Civil Defence Command headed by Brigadier Tehn Addy is the PNDC's response to this alleged threat...

...The ongoing tussle between family loyalty and national patriotism is exemplified by the press statements and counter-statements now raging in the Ghanaian press between the International student - Ernest Obeng and her mother Dr Letitia Obeng on one hand and the Ghana Amateur Athletic Association led by Mr Adjin Tettey on the other hand...Terrific verbal shots, I can tell you....

...My friend...what do you think happened to the Editor of the Mirror, Ghana's popular weekly paper...? Well, the paper has had an Acting Editor for nearly six weeks. Remember the papers downright, point blank editorials on the conduct of public tribunals, especially with references to the controversial trials of Kwame Arhin and Nii Amoo Addy?...And then he goes under for a whole... Was he given a breathing space to learn how to toe the official line... Was it a period of caution...sober reflection...enforced leave? Well, some say he was on sick leave. Anyway, whatever it was which kept you away please welcome back to your desk, Editor...difficult, these days...huh?

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