Talking Drums

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Poets' Corner

Tribal Boundaries

No more tribal boundaries,
Regional limitations on I and I mind
Where cowards hide
From where betrayers bark
In-security from the real world
Of nation-building-people
Loving one another
Liberating each other in this here world
Break it down -
Collect the struggle
Our children are watching,
The beautiful ones are about to be born
Chant on
Speak it in your tongues/
We're coming through
Reaping -
For we sowed
Nations more numerous
Than the heads of the beast
Come -
Judgement day is anachronism for
Babylon fall

Work it up, work on it
It's coming through,
It's coming, true!
don't stop
Fix the songs with burning spears
For the Black Man redemption -
Is not for other' contemplation
Working on it
Workmen on it/
Women on it
Stripping the songs
don't stop
Land, liberty and love for

don't stop
I saw you skanking in the hallway
don't stop
building the fire next time
don't stop till we get enough

Lasana M. Sekou,
Staten Island, New York

talking drums 1984-10-29 Nigeria's oil price cut an act of panic - Chad war financing - an exile wants to go home