Talking Drums

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Poets' Corner

Of another war and peace

In early Autumn
Black Lions of the sun
Lamenting summer's leave
Hung on the benches
At "The Brook's Union"
Pressing abstraction
Into realism
Contracting mysticism
To promote revolution
Proposing salvation in both
In work
And in time
Then with hand slapping laughter
Assured of victory
Cursed the known enemy
And resumed a certain happy vigil
Watching the glorious daughters of Earth
Dance before us
In a shimmering rainbow of Black earth tones
We exchanged heart-smiles
At our godly blessing
At such beings of nature's fullness
And Omar,
An abstract wiseman from Southampton,
Said with solemn conviction
"Truly those in the Garden* were Africans"

*the speaker's reference is to the “Garden of Eden”

Lasana M. Sekou,
Staten Island, New York

talking drums 1984-11-05 Desmond Tutu Nobel Peace Prize - who is a Ghanaian - Amnesty report on west africa