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"Change political direction" say two Ghanaian officials

By Poku Adaa

On two separate platforms, two prominent Ghanaians have, within the past month, called on the PNDC to change the line of the current political climate otherwise all their strenuous efforts to change things in the society will amount to nothing.

Mr Chris Hesse, the newly appointed Ghana's Ambassador to Zimbabwe made his call in a discussion with PNDC Chairman, Flt Lt J. J. Rawlings after the ceremony at which he was given his letters of accreditation prior to his departure for Harare. Mr Hesse, a former lecturer in Political Science at the University of Ghana, Legon said that: "There is no serious planning as to the economic direction we will take if the present three year economic recovery plan expires. Unless very serious thought is given to the next stage of the economic battle, the nation is sure to lend herself in a deft trap." He emphasised further that the nation is gradually accumulating debt and creating more and more austere recovery programmes which is likely to sink the nation deeper into a quagmire of debt.

On the political front, Mr Hesse decried the apparent shallowness of the on-going revolution and explained that "there must be an organised vehicle, such as an effective movement or a party created." Mr Hesse went on further: "Even though the National Commission for Democracy is starting to establish itself, it should aim to open up the political process to the whole nation so that people can meaningfully participate and furnish the NCD with ideas.

Mr S. S. Baffour Awuah, National Secretary of the African Youth Command, in addressing the National Executive Conference of the Command in Accra, called on African government to choose a definite political direction in order to totally emancipate the continent from the clutches of imperialism. Mr Baffour Awuah called on the Ghana government to solve without delay, a centralised organisation as a way to satisfy the aspirations of her peoples who have witnessed the country's lead in the decolonisation of Africa. He added: "cries for self- determination, freedom, liberation and independence will be meaningless, if no political direction manned by able and responsible leadership are evolved."

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