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Rev Truth

God's word came
In old time not by
The will of man -
Sometimes in times of
War, in peace, and in
Serenity, in joy, and in
The crowning of kings;
In seeking for the Creator's
Will, holy men of God
In the persons of Moses, Peter, Paul And the like, spoke
As they were moved by the
Holy Ghost - Alleluia!
When bright stars
Hung in the blue ethereal sky
Sometimes clouds of rain
Overshadow its beauty
Agoo! Amen! Agoo! Amen!
Are you listening? Are you listening?
Forward ever, Backward never!
if you say the whiteman
Came to exploit us with
The Bible, that is not true -
You can say there was no
Truth in him - hold on to your
Opinion. Freedom of expression.
But the Bible is the Truth
And nothing short of that - Alleluia!
The natural man cannot
Understand the things of the spirit
Kon. kon. kon.
Piling up treasures on earth, while
Neglecting treasures of gold above
The mote is still in your eyes
Natural man. And this is
The bitter truth.

Apostle J. P. K. Appiah Jr.
Kumasi, Ghana.

talking drums 1984-12-10 Cocoa New Strategy needed