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Who will save the children?

Growing in these times of organized
You feel the insecurity of the age
You cry for laughter...
Sleeping with pretentious happiness
You sing the songs of fantasized love
"I feel like making love to you
That's the time
I feel like making a dream come true"
But you never reach the orgasmic desire
"You sing - you dance
... You're coming
...Lord, yes, I'm coming"
But the song is over.
In these times of boasting mirages
The empty unreal
Plunges into reality
"This is it"
"I'm hip"
"Do what you want to do"

You feel your spirituality crumbling
Your soul is hungry...but you stuff
your body
Your morality is in need and you watch

Welcome to these times
Preparing for A.D. 2000 - and no one
  knows why.
Meet the space age goofs
The loveless society
Where sex is a pleasurable disorder
There is fear of touching

Welcome! Welcome!
Meet the bionic foofs
The discomaniacs
The herbochondriacs
The cats, the jacks, the cracks, the
Get down with the party people
With the slick rich, the paranoid
And the poor digging the crumbs on
  the floor

These times, where wisdom of age is
"Well...can't we be stupid if we want
Now you come around talking
  revolution, turning the thing
Upside down.
What-you wantmotherfu-everything-
Don't you think so?"

Lasana M. Sekou,
Staten Island, New York

talking drums 1985-01-21 what hope for Africa's growing millions