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Poets' Corner

Faith And Hope

That fine colonial beau
Cupped his bowler hat in his hand
Palmed his breast and:
Thank God I have seen Gold Coast
Thank God I have lived.
And I wondered:
That Gold Coast where all that
Tuppence was only filmed in copper?

I am proud
Of all this uncoppered Ghana
Of all this mesh of spidery silk
We have woven to hide our gold.
Tears have swelled the shores
Fears dumfounded the fathers
And the scary crows bring stupid songs
Atop our hut thatches
Who dares be a marksman?

A little boy much like the scary crows
Busies about where I lazed:
Black Stars of Africa
Champion of the World
Next World Cup!
And he kicked the broken gourd

Koforidua, Ghana

talking drums 1985-01-28 cameroon land of plenty - students call for elections in ghana