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Poets' Corner

Bear It On A Carrier

Life? Is it honey
Dripping golden to the eye
Tasting nectar to the tongue.

Life is music
Playing at a wedding
Or swelling the lonely shepherd's flute

Life is a crown of wreath
Wear it victor,
Freshly, proudly, and manly

Soon it is something else
Like the moon caught in a night of rains
Or the sun eclipsed by time.

Or like the bad gun
Going off to kill
The hunter on the trigger.

Life is a pot.
Carry it to the stream of joy
Bring it back filled to
The homestead of humanity.
Always remember:
Bear it on a carrier-
A bold heart steeped in a lot of things
Such as care, patience,
And obstinacy.


talking drums 1985-09-23 ghana yesterday's men and tomorrow's youth paa willie j.h. mensah deGraft-Johnson