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Naked I Came

We entered the world.
Without any argument miraculously isn't it?
We entered naked.
We go naked though we forget it.
We hunger and thirst for all the world.
What we claim its origin we know not.
We shout and say my possessions it's sad.
We cry and demand for all things till we can no more of it.
We forget these cannot be with us on the death bed.
With nothing we came though we forget.

Kwadjo Attakora Baah

26th July 1983

The little gods still rest in
Their stony inertness
The sacred stools nevertheless lie
On their dusty sides

Here we stand
Drenched in hallucination fumes

Here we stand
Blinded with frustration tears,

Here we stand
With a barbed wire of fears
Too vague to point out
Yet too universal
Not to dare acknowledge.

So it is gin we pour
It is a ram
Bleating the animistic dirge
Whilst we insist on the human song of salvation
Insist on seeing the beast blood flow
To save and appease
Crimes and murders


talking drums 1986-03-17 African musicians in London - Spiritual revivalism sweeps across west africa