The Umaru Dikko Affair

Talking Drums' Complete Coverage of the "Umaru Dikko Affair"
Briefly... Umaru Dikko, Transport and Aviation Minister of Nigeria under the Shehu Shagari regime, escaped to England in the aftermath of the military coup of 31st December 1983 led by Major General Buhari. From exile, his outspoken criticism of the military made him a lightning rod for the regime and he was declared wanted and a fugitive. Months later, he was kidnapped outside his home, off a London street, drugged unconscious and bundled into a diplomatic crate intended to be shipped back to Nigeria. Only prompt action by customs and police at Stansted airport foiled the kidnap attempt. Four men, three Israelis and a Nigerian diplomatic attaché were arrested, put on trial and convicted for the crime. The diplomatic fallout of the crime - the possible involvement of the Israeli and Nigerian security services and governments, would reverberate across the world.

Talking Drums covered the arc of the entire affair and was an integral part of the story. Indeed, an early interview and criticism aired in these pages might have been the impetus for the animus from the military. Tellingly, Alhaji Umaru Dikko was on his way to be interviewed by Talking Drums when he was kidnapped. Read on...

Coverage of the Umaru Dikko Affair

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Palace Coup and Aftershocks

Major General Buhari was deposed in a palace coup led by the Chief of Army Staff Major-General Ibrahim Babangida on 27 August 1985
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